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The cold weather is here and we can begin to feel the magic of Christmas…Flocon (“snowflake”) the snowman is a project that will keep you occupied on these winter evenings. Get cozy, grab a cup of tea and let’s get started?


-This pattern is an intermediate level.


Once finished, Flocon will be roughly 14 cm tall. Stuff as you go.




- 1 skein white Rainbow 8/4 White (001)

- A few grams of Rainbow 8/4 Rust (101) and Baby Pink (043) yarn from Hobbii

- A few grams of Phildouce blanc yarn from Phildar

- poly-fill stuffing

- black embroidery thread

- 2.5 mm + 4mm crochet hook

- tapistry needle


- 5 page tutorial

Instant download

Flocon the snowman

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